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Pulse-a harbinger of world class aluminium & uPVC door & window hardware solutions Staying true to the tradition of un-compromoising quality and international standard products, the Pulse hardware range, brings a whole new meaning to the look,feel and functionality of your doors and windows.


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Why Choose Us ?

We’ve been building our reputation for more than two decade and more, so if you want us to transform your project, you can rely on us to do a good job.

Quality Products under One Roof

Since all our products are manufactured from start to finish we know they are manufactured to the highest industry standards

The Right Team for your Project

Our team of highly skilled and experienced crafts people have a simple aim to pay attention to design, manufacturing and installation, assuring everything is precision-made. We love discussing and planning new projects and have years of knowledge and experience that we contribute to the table.

Up to Date and Affordable

Our team is constantly learning and keeping abreast of latest trends and changes in the Aluminium and UPVC industry. The best of all is that we are cost effective and affordable.


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